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Eduard Group Build Hot Out of the Molds 2021 This campaign is for those who have a brand new kit (anything with a copyright date of 2020 or 2021) and want to get right to it. 2021 Campaign Ideas It’s time to start considering campaign ideas for next year. If you’ve got something that you think would make for an interesting campaign post a message about it! Be creative! Staging Area Campaigns / Group builds are in this forum. Read the guidelines. Build A Photo 2 We have all seen a photograph and thought “That would make a great diorama!” Well, here’s your chance to do it again or for your first attempt. Hangar Queen 11 The hangar Queen was a aircraft that was used for parts to make other planes operational. For this campaign you ( the builder) must resurrect the Hangar Queen and get it flying. Lend Lease Campaign Help & Support Have a question about either starting up a group build/campaign, an ongoing campaign or other group build related issues? Post them here. Tin Can Sailors This will be the Tin Can Sailors campaign aimed at all vessels which are defined as a Destroyer. Heart of the Beast Let’s build anything with a BEAST in the picture! It can be in the manufacturer’s badge, the specific model badge, or even the name. This brings into the picture all of the Mustangs, Barracudas and Hornets for example. Mud Movers This campaign will highlight aircraft who’s job it was to help out the ground troops. Burnin’ Coal 2021 Model any ship, any scale, as long as it burned coal. If it was a coal burning ship that later converted, it should be modeled when it was still a coal burner. Star Wars Alt Camo Schemes The Star Wars Alternative Camo scheme is here !!! 3 tone, 2 tone, splinter, digital, block cam, etc. for Star Wars vehicles. Operation Barbarossa! Acceptable vehicles would be any that featured in the initial Barbarossa campaign, so that would include all the early German equipment, plus their Czech stuff, even the captured French vehicles that they pressed into service. Helicopter 2 Build a helicopter. Any size, scale, or maker. Phantoms 60 The Phantom turns 60 in 2020 so what better time to build one! Display/Demo This campaign is all about aircraft in special paint and marking schemes, either as stand alone demo aircraft or part of a display team. Got Wheels 2020 Continued from the old Forum. Antique Antics We are to build an old(er) kit; pre-2000 vintage. This date is for the original release. Re-boxes only are allowed as well. No new tool or added parts. Focus is on vehicles, but accompanying figures are of course welcome. T-54/T-55 Campaign Any T-54/T-55/Type 59/Type 69, any scale, any timeframe. Gulf War 30th Anniversary Campaign This is the official campaign regard for the 30th Anniversary of the first Gulf War, so start posting your kits and builds here. Mini-Art Campaign 2021 Build any kit from the Mini-art catalog. Steffen Arndt Memorial Welcome to the campaign honoring our friend, Steffen Arndt, a frequent and much appreciated contributor to AeroScale who, sadly, passed away recently. Steffen was an aficionado of The One True Scale, 1/48. Garage Queens 2021 This is the place to get that garage queen out from under the tarps and the old Christmas decorations, solve that problem, find your mojo and push or drag it over the finish line. A4 Base (2021) Build a mini diorama in the scale of 1/72 and or smaller. The dio dimensions must be the paper sizes of either A4 or A5 or A6. T-34/85 campaign Any kit, any scale, any type (gun (no small bore ie 76), arv or bunker) and any era are welcomed. Yes, even partially (less then 25% say) started. Thinking about running 1 March to 1 April in case your building the Miniart interior kit for example. Operation Snow White This campaign is open to any subject from any era. The only restriction is that the predominant color must be White. It can be a field applied winter camo, a modern Arctic camo or even an APC on U.N. observer duty somewhere like the Sinai. Israel Defense Forces 2020 Inaugural Railway Campaign Since this is the inaugural campaign, the rules are pretty flexible - anything railroad related. Siege of Malta Combatants on either side involved in the Siege of Malta, June '40 to November '42. WWI / Wingnut Wings This campaign can include any model from World War I, not just aircraft and not just Wingnut Wings kits. Commercial Trucking 2021 The trucking industry is the backbone of the transportation world. If you got it, a truck brought it! This Group Build is to honor the men & women of the trucking industry from all over the world. Korea, The Forgotten War This campaign is for any modeling subjects related to the Korean War. Biplanes of WWII This campaign is all about those ‘obsolete’ biplanes that soldiered on into the Second World War years. Stryker Campaign Thread All scales and manufacturers. Open to all Stryker variants. Golden Memories Anything you crewed or ridden in. I Like Big GUNS…And I Cannot Lie This campaign is open to all field guns, howitzers and mortars. No rockets, missiles, anti-tank guns or air defense artillery. Can be towed or self-propelled. Inclusion of a prime mover is optional. Unfinished Business 2021 Unfinished builds from this years campaign… Build a photo Unfinished Business 2020 Models brought over from the old forums. Forgotten Wars Group Build From a “forgotten war” during the Cold War era (1945-1991) - a war that did not have direct participation from the US or the Soviet Union (Korea, Vietnam, and Afghanistan are out, for example Great Canadian Campaign Anyone up for a Canadian armed forces campaign? Past and present. Lose rules being build anything used or made by the Canadian army. Armor, aircraft, ships and submarines.
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