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Steffen Arndt Memorial Welcome to the campaign honoring our friend, Steffen Arndt, a frequent and much appreciated contributor to AeroScale who, sadly, passed away recently. Steffen was an aficionado of The One True Scale, 1/48. Tin Can Sailors This will be the Tin Can Sailors campaign aimed at all vessels which are defined as a Destroyer. Burnin’ Coal 2021 Model any ship, any scale, as long as it burned coal. If it was a coal burning ship that later converted, it should be modeled when it was still a coal burner. A4 Base (2021) Build a mini diorama in the scale of 1/72 and or smaller. The dio dimensions must be the paper sizes of either A4 or A5 or A6. Help & Support Have a question about either starting up a group build/campaign, an ongoing campaign or other group build related issues? Post them here. Build A Photo 2 We have all seen a photograph and thought “That would make a great diorama!” Well, here’s your chance to do it again or for your first attempt. Heart of the Beast Animal manufacturers, any manufacturer with an animal as a badge (Jaguar, Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Holden, Dodge, Alfa Romeo, etc). Commercial Trucking 2021 The trucking industry is the backbone of the transportation world. If you got it, a truck brought it! This Group Build is to honor the men & women of the trucking industry from all over the world. Staging Area Campaigns / Group builds are proposed here. Garage Queens 2021 This is the place to get that garage queen out from under the tarps and the old Christmas decorations, solve that problem, find your mojo and push or drag it over the finish line.
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