1:1 Hill climb racer

200 hp and strictly the bare necessities

Who needs a windscreen or bodywork?


What a sensational piece of engineering!

That is so cool. I’m impressed by how well It deals with the curves.

Never so anything quite like that before. Took one very special driver to go flat out in it for sure.


“Charles Cooke was given full control of the four Darracqs and Louis Chevrolet drove the 200-hp to a new world one-mile record for petrol cars of 30.6 sec (Marriott had just set a steam car record of 28.2 sec, equivalent to 127.66 mph). Then on the last day of the race, Cooke put Darracq’s No 2 driver Victor Demogeot in the 200-hp. Matched against the Stanley in a 2-mile race, Demogeot riposted to a time of 59.6 sec by Marriott with a run in 58.8 sec, or 122.5 mph and was crowned ‘Speed King of the World’”

122 mph, no windscreen, no nothing …

There are some nice images on that web-site I linked to …

Those beasts looked even more dangerous then the old Indy Cars.