1/144 Czech Master Resin Martin JMR3 Mars (Coulson Flying Tankers water bomber)

Complete resin kit. Very fragile translucent propellers and landing gear.

Used brass pins for durability and strength on every join especially ‘beaching-landing gear’. Beautiful resin castings. Big problems with red paint bleeding thru into white paint. Great support on replacement propellers I damaged more than once.


That looks very impressive Clarence :smiley:

Very nice work on a big plane, I watched a video on the Mars recently and would love one of these kits but cant find one anywhere. Cheers Bob.

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Thanks for your comments. That kit was in my ToDo stack for more years than I’ll admit

so I don’t know how long it’s been OOP? Or if? Probably the most beautiful resin castings I’ve ever seen. Just found this Canadian site. I emailed an inquiry @ this kit. Will let you know their reply.

I did fit a brass tube ‘main wing spar’ as well as my usual brass pins at all joins including the wing floats. I try to build strength wherever I can as it doesn’t take that much effort to add considerable defense against my own periodic lack of coordination. I put apx 20 brass pins in the engine subframe of my 1/8 Jaguar E Type Goodwood Coupe, a necessity to keep it from falling apart as soon as the warranty expired…

Kit Build 1:144 Martin Mars Tanker | West Coast Hobbys


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to me

Hi Clarence … the only one that I carry anymore is the 1:288 kit ( about a
8-9" wing span) USN desk top model. Rob Stevens

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