1/144th Leopold RailWay gun Mockup Completed!

Now for my next project, the 1/35th Leopold railway gun! I ordered all the model components last weekend, updated the paints, brushes, knives, checked all the air brushes and we are ready for business. looking at increasing and upgrading the lighting on the workbench to include adustable temperture settings. And for the first time I’m going to have to look at enhanced optics. (reading glasses and magnifiers) Getting old sucks!
I didn’t plan on jumping back into the kit building in a small way so the 1/35th railway gun does it. As one former boss told me “go big or go home”.
The 1/144th mockup gave me a chance to practice on my skills without a huge investment up front. So here are the photos from that endevor


Pretty nice for just a mockup. It looks great. Gotta love big arty pieces.