1/16 scale 2023 Wish List

maybe a 2023 wish list is needed.

here’s my four or five items

  • a 234/1 thru 234/4 Puma would send me into orbit
  • I’d be in for a Wespe
  • Sturmtiger
  • Panther D initial production as used in Kursk



Speaking of which, I just ordered the Das Werks PzKpfw III Ausf J today.


I really dont have a lot of room,gonna order Andy’s coming Tiger,but thats it,just like 1/200 ships,just too big for me.


Not sure about the 234 series of vehicles, I’m surprised they have not been done yet, a base chassis and four production variants, plus a couple of field modifications, and at least one proposed should have been kitted by now… But I’d be in for one.

As for the Wespe, it may be closer than we realise with Gecko releasing a Panzer II, just look at what Takom did with the Panzer I. As for the Sturmtiger, again, with AHHQ releasing a Tiger, it increases the likelihood of a Sturmtiger on the horizon. Again, I’d be in for one.

How about a Hummvee in 1/16, just think of the permutations! Or a M113, for the same reason. Please.

Caveat I have no insider knowledge on any of these, just educated conjecture.


SdKfz 234 would be great. That complex suspension would make for a great build and would look great


Well in order of preference for me

SAS Jeep.
Firefly Sherman
A Sheridan that wasnt underdetailed and overpriced
BWW R75 and sidecar

But I’m sure they’ll surprise us with something different But it is good to see other makers than Trumpeter and its subsidiuaries and Classy hobby embracing the scale so who knows?



Comes with a large amount of Stug parts in the box, some quite useful with wingnuts and clamps etc

In my case my preferences go towards:
-Panzerjäger Tiger (P) 8.8 cm PaK 43/2 L/71 ‘Ferdinand/Elefant’ (Sd.Kfz.184)
-SdKfz 162 Jagdpanzer IV in any of its variants.
-Jagdpanzer 38(t) (Sd.Kfz. 138/2)
-M4A1 Sherman direct vision (Tunisia)
Of course with complete interiors.


I’d love to see a 1/16th LRDG Chevrolet truck. They are still incredibly popular in 1/35th scale despite it being nearly 50 years since they were released. There has been a lot of research done on the LRDG Preservation Society Facebook page, so a really accurate model is possible at long last.
The LRDG Chevrolet WA and Ford F30 trucks would be great too!


I’m passing on this scale. It just requires too much space in the stash, on the bench, a bigger paint booth, and much more display space. The kits that I’ve seen don’t offer enough improved detail to overcome the space issues.

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I have way too much invested in 1/35 as well.

I’ll stick with 1/35.

SAS jeep and LRDG Chevy would be an amazing double. Stick them both in the same box and watch them fly off the shelves!

What about;

Universal Carrier.
British 25Pdr. Field Gun and Quad Gun Tractor - Canadian Ford FGT.

And just to be somewhat balanced;

German 88mm and carriage.
Sd.Kfz. 223 Leichter Panzerspahwagen.

I saw where Andy’s Hobbies had that kit on sale yesterday

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Which is why I ordered one. :wink:

the Puma was the fore runner of what we use today. Could you imagine a Stryker series?

Crazy as it may seem, I have two of the 1/9th scale bikes still untouched. One has the side car and the other is a Zundap (or vise versa). I never thought much about them till I saw one built up at a show in Indy. I remember telling the fellow that built it, that it was the best of the show and a minimum of number two.

An SAS Jeep (Europe) is not as far away as one would think. The 1/16th Jeep out there now fits right in there, but an African one is a different body. Somebody needs to make 1/16 scale guns and the extra gas tanks for them.

An M48 would be huge! I think we might see one. The M113 would be really nice, but also drive you nuts detailing it. RFM could simply upscale their M551 in 1/35th kit and get it done (you can build all eras with their kit), and I’d bee good for two (RVN & ODS).

I can see a Firefly coming! An LRDG Chevy truck is another to add in here. You can build a 1/24th scale one right now if it were not for the weapons.

I would like to see some US Marine figures for the Jeep and Sherman/Stuart.


For me, l would second the LRDG Chev.
Also sd.kfz.7,10,11,250,251.
Dodge WC series, CCKW 353
Mutt, M35A2
Cromwell, Universal carrier, Comet, Churchill.
Hundreds more but can’t narrow it down any more.

Regards Jason

A couple of rules around “wish listing” kits are that the company has to be able to cater to a wide audience, and get multiple versions for the investment. Ergo, the 234 series of armoured cars should be a good starter, whereas a Chevy truck has limited appeal and few varieties.

Thinking wider, how about Classy release an M8 of the back of their M3 Lee range? A small kit, therefore more affordable and takes up less space, too.

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While we’re “wishing” for 1/16th kits, how about Takom producing the Ontos they leaked last May??? Happy Thanksgiving to all.