1/16 scale hex bolts and rivets?

I am slowly getting back to modeling after nearly 20 yrs hiatus. I bought a new Takom 1/16 scale Panzer I (hopefully it will arrive in a day or two). Larger scale for old eyes, yet Panzer I is small enough for desk top. I want to do some detailing works and replace some distorted hex nuts; pointed out by previous built blogs.

I been away for the hobby for so long, I am not even sure what’s on the market and whats available for detailing.

What do you’all recommend ? TIA


Welcome @moominkomet!
My suggestion is to try this site, it could get costly though depending on how much you replace.

I have been using Nuts and bolts by Supplier (Takom I think)Their set A Large gives hex head nuts from1.8mm to 2.6mmon one side of a sheet and and the same sized nuts with the bolt protruding on the other. There set D gives round rivet heads from >6mm on one side and conical rivets on the other. There must be 600 rivets or bolts on each side and you just slice them off and glue them on. I also have a 1/16 Pz I coming and will now have to check all the rivets! I got mine from my LHS but know that Lucky models carries them.

markiii, thanks for the link, but using real metals, it’ll cost me too much, not to mention drilling correctly spaced holes. I was thinking and hoping to find something like Grandt Line detail back in the old days.

camshaft, that sounds more like what I need, I will see if I can find it. Thanks!

Found it, they are made by Meng.

Thanks for all the pointers! I hope I can “ease” myself back in building again.

My mistake…

Not at all! I am sure I can and will use those metal nuts sometime in the future. I have no idea they are even available. I appreciate your info!

Glad you found them, another option is a hexagon punch set from UMM-USA. He has a few different sets for hexagons. Lots of other great tools as well.


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