1/16 Stug III Ausf G from Das Werk

I pre-ordered this kit as a good option to get into larger scales and I’m super excited. It has a partial interior in the fighting compartment.

I’m curious to know if any detail decals/photoetch parts exist for the radios and other interior bits, similar to example shown below for aircraft cockpits. I know there are some for 1/35, but I have no idea about 1/16 as I have never built or looked into 1/16 prior to this.

Also, if anyone knows some good places to get extra goodies for detail in 1/16, I would appreciate the tip!

Andy’s hobby store has a YouTube channel and I am sure he is building this very same kit, so it might be worth while searching for it on YouTube for some hints and tips.

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That’s where I first saw it and pre-ordered it from. He shared a few accessories, but nothing for interior detail.

It’s a brand new kit; might need to wait a bit for the third-party companies to start producing stuff for it. Not sure if the detail sets for RC tanks would fit it, although that could be an option.

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That is true. I was looking for some of the RC stuff, figured there might be some stuff from a Panzer III or something. Having never done 1/16 before I’m concerned those details, like radios which are normally so tiny in 1/35 will look poor when painted.

East Coast Armory has a lot of stuff for 1/16 scale tanks. Nothing specific for the Stug, but you might find something useful. The site is a little messed up, but if you go here: East Coast Armory – 1/16th Scale Sherman Detail Upgrades
it will take you to them. You may also be able to find stuff on Shapeways. If you find something on Shapeways that is in the wrong scale, you can often contact the maker and have it scaled up for you.

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About the only thing I saw on East Coast that might fit the Stug is the tubular convoy light, but that by itself is $26 US for a relatively small part that is on the rear and generally out of view. The rest of the stuff was for Tigers.

David Parker from AFV Modeller is busy making some parts for this kit as we speak. I’m sure radios etc will be on his list if needed or the ones he makes already for Pxr IV models will be adaptable. Others are busy too as we speak. Theres a FB page dedicated to building the 1/16th Stug already.


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Awesome, thank you!