1/200 Scharnhorst aftermarket?

Does anyone make anything for the 1/200 Scharnhorst? I didn’t know is Pontos or MK was working on a set. Could you use some parts from a Bismarck set? I have the kit and an just waiting…


Give them a little time and I am sure they will put something out, they have for all the 1/200 kits.

Mark :beer:

I hope you are right. The Scharnhorst has been out for 3 years and nothing so far. I hope they don’t wait to long.

There are some kits out there to add metal barrels, wood deck and masking for now. I am surprised that Pontos or MK haven’t released anything. She had a better combat record than Bismark and the others combined. She was so successful that if she had survived her last battle, the Germans were going to stick 15-inch guns on her.

Mark :beer: