1/25th scale HEAVILY converted German Panzergrenadiers

With my 1/25th scale Panzer III Ausf L early variant I needed 1943 Panzergrenadiers, so I set about converting existing Tamiya figures. The back story is that over the last 20 years I have created “pert-near” every German infantry accessory you can imagine in 1/25th scale. Assault pack, correct canteens, rifle ammo pouches, teller mines, PPSH sub-machine guns and so on and so on…
Well here is two of the figures being created. The 1943 Radio operator, PLEASE note that the Tamiya US Radio operator is holding the radio with his left hand, mine is holding it with his right hand, And the German radio is completely different than the US. Also I am adding my MG gunner. Currently my favorite figure… As ALWAYS comments are welcomed.


Excellent work on these Tamiya figs. It’s an odd scale, but at least they’ve provided for their 1/25th armor kits. Base looks good too, btw!

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