1/32 Messerschmitt BF-109

Ok which is the best kit? REVELL, HASEGAWA, or something else. What say you.

Dragon’s E-4.

Are you looking for a E, F, G, or K? And any particular sub variant?

The E. The Emil variant.

the Dragon is one of the best 109’s ever produced. The new ZM kit may be slightly better at double the cost, plus it’s a G model. Look for Hobby 2000, as they are selling the same plastic with their name on the box. A Dragon kit is hard to come by. Avoid the Eduard and Hasegawa like the plague

The ZM will be a nice kit but I don’t need all that detail nor the price that goes with it. Still waiting for their Fw190s.

Whats wrong with the Hasegawa kits?

referring to the BF109e series kits, they are even worse than the Eduard. Their G and F series are ok, but also have their own set of issues. the Revell kits need help up front while the Hasegawa needs help from the wind screen backwards. The 109E series are pretty much fiction all the way. They even messed up the wings! The Dragon kit needs the trim tabs added, and really about it. Back to Revell a moment; their new 109g2 is pretty much spot on right out of the box. You can easily back date the G2 to an F4 or even an F5 with the resin camera fairing.

The Hasegawa Emil kits are old. They were originally tooled in 1972. Beyond having raised panel lines and good for early 70’s detail, they are not bad at all. But no matter what you do or do not add to the basic kit, it will look like an Emil once built.

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The G’s are better as that tooling is from 2001 They spun a few variants off that tooling. I have the F-4 Trop.

All the Hasegawa ST series of kits are much better than the previous toolings.