1/32 scale Lancaster

Wow and ouch at the same time.
Border Model


Avro Lancaster B.MK.I/III

Border Model

1/32 Scale

Upcoming release

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What’s a ‘Landcaster’? :slight_smile:

I’ve seen one assembled in my LHS, it has a wingspan of about 1 meter - very impressive looking.

One can dream… they wife can’t stop a dream…

It’s actually 1/32 scale and the model that was about to be released by Wingnut Wings. I have one on order from Jadlam Models in the UK at £619.00 and free postage.
Border Models 1/32 Lancaster.
Khouli, I think that the one that you have seen in your LHS is the Hong Kong Models 1/32 Lancaster as the Border models kit hasn’t been released yet, but yep about a metre wingspan.

Someone who fishes…? :thinking:

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That’s rather good…


Yes, you are correct, it had the clear plastic fuselage sections.

Also, I was a Sapper for 13.5 years, left in 2001.

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Hi fellow Sapper. :slight_smile: I’ve been out a while, since 1993! Still a Sapper though :slight_smile:

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1988 - 2001 for me.

28 Amph Engr Regt, Hameln, 32 Armd Engr Regt, Munsterlager/Hohne, 22 Engr Regt, Perham down - POM by trade.

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1971-1993 (+ 2 years boys service).
29 Fld Sqn 35 Engr Regt Hameln was my first posting, and I moved to 3 Fld Sqn at Perham Down from there. TRRE Cove from there then 30 Fld Sqn and 25 Fld Sqn 26 Engr Regt Iserlohn. TRRE, this time at the new barracks at Gibraltar Bks then 53 Fld Sqn ADR at Waterbeach and finally with 106 Fld Sqn TA in Sheffield. Combat Engineer, no trade!
Where do you live now? I’m in Cornwall.
You might want to join the Kitmaker IPMS online club? check it out?
Holdfast793 is my brother.

Check out what I think of online (or any other) clubs here Rant about Reviews - #139 by Khouli

That aside…Hameln was my favourite posting, lovely town.

I’m a Midlander originally, but we live in Wiltshire now - Wilton, about three miles west of Salisbury on the A36.

My wife is Cornish, from St Ives. Her family are still there, in Carbis Bay and St Erth. She did 20 years in the RAF.

lol … That was good … and after I read yours, about 4 or 5 inserts after that I just lost the will to live haha…

Hameln was a really nice town. It was also our prepped battle position giving over watch on the river for withdrawing troops.

Im in Newquay btw.

Do you get to the South West Cornwall IPMS show usually held in September?

I’m with you there but I started the IPMS Kitmaker IPMS club so that members from here would have somewhere to get together at shows. There are a group of regulars who have become very good friends and we meet up at shows mainly for that, to meet up. The big annual show at Telford, IPMS Modelworld is a great chance to see models and to catch up. We have a great get together for a meal on the Friday and Saturday evenings. We have some really good modellers and a couple who enter the competition. But we ain’t anal about anything, especially modelling. :slight_smile:

And yes, Hameln was my favourite posting too.

Embarrassingly I didnt even know about it … hangs head in shame :frowning_face:

Covid put the mockers on it the last 2 years but it will likely be on this year? Not the biggest show, just a regional one but it’s the only one, other than Telford that I get to. If you like and if you want to go you can join me with my club stand? It’s held in the council building in Penzance.:slight_smile:

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Hi Mal, yeah, that certainly sounds like a possible plan. Can you keep me updated with any dates you get etc and if shifts allow, would be more than happy to tip up to it. I did go to the one in Yeovil, which was pretty good with some nice kits.

and sorry @TopSmith Greg for hijacking your initial Lancaster thread …

One of the things I really like about this site is that it is world wide. I being the older guy thinks somehow this is advanced pen-pals. I still marvel that I can be part of a conversation that runs from Australia, Argentina, England to the Philippines and as much as we think of the differences we have, in reality we are all the same. You conversation makes me want to stop by one of your get together’s for the company.


I will likely forget but give me a shout in June or July and I should know the dates etc?

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