1/32 scale Lancaster

Yes, I’m also sorry for taking part in the highjacking! But Sappers are a thing and we find each other in crowded streets and supermarkets and the shout, “SAPPER!” will be heard. My missus then just says I’ll see you later because we will have an excited conversation about service and life even if we have never met before. We are brothers/sisters and forever Sappers. :slight_smile: It’s also a bit odd that most Military Engineers around the world have adopted the term “Sapper”. It is an English Military term that goes back to Medieval times but a Sapper is a Sapper no matter from which country! And we welcome them all. If Sappers decided to we could rule the world. :smiley:
You would be more than welcome at any of the shows/get-togethers. We entertain several nationalities out our dinners at Telford. :smiley:

But first, we would build the Squadron Bar.

Well, yes. The building of the Squadron bar would be the warning sign! :smiley: