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Is there a 1/35 Pearson mine plough kit that can go with the Kodiak?

On the question of the mine plough, does anyone know if the mine plough is a straight swap with just dozer blade on the Kodiak, or do the mounting for dozer have to be swapped too?

Yes and no. It is the Pearson mine plough which is used with the Kodiak, but this vehicle does not use the Pearson HLA (High Lift Adapter) like other vehicles that can swith over to another frontend equipmennt in minutes. On Kodiak that takes some time and also requires a special adapter. The pictures show the NL Prototyp of Kodiak. First one: Dozer mounted; Second one: Back side of Pearson mine plough; Third one: What I believe is the adapter (shown here stowed upside down and seen from the position that faces the plough) that is carried here on a flatrack together with other tools and equipment the Netherlands got. Fourth picture, here it is seen from the side facing the hull front. Very complex design and not a joy to scratch…



Thank you. I was considering adapting the Pearson mine plough from a M1150 ABV kit for the Kodiak. I have to look more closely at the ABV plough attachment to see if it could mate with the pattern of bolt holes on the Kodiak’s lower Glacis plate.

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At first glance, looking at the box art, I thought “Bergejagdpanther?”…


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…it will not. You would need that shown adapter. The ABV uses the Pearson High Lift Adapter (HLA). No idea why Rheinmetall built it as it is…The blade is much more sophisticated than the Pearson blade…and requires that fix as constructed. For the price of no easy - but possible - change between both frontend equipments.


Another thing, the border model depictions of either the German or the Swiss model doesn’t match any photos I’ve found.

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The kit is only a prototype/demonstrator that does not fit any of the production vehicles of any country. You would look for detailed pictures of a production vehicle of any specific country and do some scratch building. German army did not get any of these right now. There is not even a production vehicle ready for dispatch.

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btw i aim to build this one … Swiss version … (Source : Massimo Foti | Flickr)


Q, does the commander’s cupola on the demonstration vehicle rotate? Border model seems to imply it is fixed. But if it is fixed then the buttoned up vehicle has no rear vision except for driver’s reverse camera, which is largely blocked by the stowed excavator bucket, because there are no vision blocks covering the entire rear 180 degree arc.


…not an expert, but the real one seems to be fixed as well

wip … painted the first layer …


Are you on about this type
Image from online and for ref only

as that looks like it could be fixed.

The one on Yamans build and others like it online look to be movable …


Hi John,
this is the Rheinmetall demonstrator. Might be the one the kit is based on. The Singapore one (as well as others) have noticeable differences. The kit does not depict any production vehicle, what a pity and lost chance…


Thanks Andreas, and thanks for the Chally clip from Germany …was very good. I was looking at the images of the one Yaman is making and then that demonstrator and other production ones. The ones with.50 HMGs must surely have rotating cupolas as there is no point in fitting a HMG that can only fire on a direct line forward, makes sense doesn’t it ? So just the demonstration wagons that would have a fixed cupola ?

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Hi, actually I looked through a lot of pictures of pruduction models of different countries, and every time the cupola was straight forward. Anyway, I try to find a first hand info.


wip… More or less it was a nice build … Prep for weathering…


WOW, loving those colours … they have brought it to live :+1: :+1:

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Thanks :star_struck: :beer: :v:

Finally the best part has come … Dust & Mud … :sweat_smile:


The randomised way the wash gathers is important and to me, it makes it look more realistic :+1: