1/35 Bandai M61A5 Main Battle Tank

Hi folks,

A project just for fun. I had the the Bandai 1/35 M61A5 Semovente Main Battle Tank on the shelf and decided to modify it a little and make a small diorama to go with it.

I moved around kit parts, added left over parts from the spare box, various scratch built and different resin parts to create a heavy infantry support vehichle.

Figures are from Live Resin, Master Box, Airborne Miniatures and Yufan. I moved heads around and added equipment parts here and there.

I made a complete interior and engine compartment with a mixture of resin parts and scratch built details. Plenty of space to play around with, the original kit is quite big.

Everything is painted and weathered with paints from Valejjo and Ammo Of Mig, weathered using products Ammo Of Mig and AK-Interactive.

Thanks for looking :slightly_smiling_face:



You have done an excellent job on all the elements of this build:
vehicle, figures and dio base are superbly painted and weathered!

This wouldn’t normally be my cup of tea but this is fantastic. I especially love the interior but the overall finish, and the setting and all the details - well - a true yardstick by any means.

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Welcome aboard Fred. Your diorama looks great. What did you use to make the base?

Thank you for your kind words.

Here are a two work bench pictures of the interior.

For the diorama base I used styrofoam from a box interior that I just cut into shape with a knife and ordinary powder plaster on an mdf board, nothing fancy at all.


I’m not at all into modern subjects but there is a lot of great work and detail in this display. Now, it if were set in WWII it would be perfect.


Wow, that is one of the best iterations of this model kit that I’ve ever seen! You did an amazingly fantastic job on the conversions, modifications, weathering, camo, and figures. It’s considered priceless! :grinning:

Awesome overall. I esp like the mine dozer blades up front and the railroad track in the story. The figure walking her dog.

Looks sharp. Multi level adds interest.

I’ve seen those kits in a shop before, but never seen what can be done with one. This is awesome work!

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You have so many features built into this tank- its fantastic to look at just in itself. I think you have really created a great scene in which to show it all off too. Really great work.

Wow that is amazing.

Yikes, that is superb. Well done sir.