1/35 British webbing ww2

is there a maker of 1/35 British webbing, primarily backpacks. I’m really after the 37 or 44 pattern large packs, although small packs would be useful as would the rest of the web set. I know MiniArt include a lot of ‘extra’ bits in there sets, same with Tamiya, but neither have large packs and a couple of kitbags might be useful also.

Value Gear have a few sets of Commonwealth packs, stowage, etc.: Value Gear Details - USA WWII Sets!
(The link says “USA WWll Sets”, but it really leads to Commonwealth!)
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Bronco make a couple of accessory sets…

this one that comes with the small haversacks, canteens, ammo pouches, some weapons, and a few other odds & ends

and this one that comes with rucksacks, weapons, and other items…

and Miniart makes these sets


cheers, tbh, I was thinking, probably, more purely webbing so probably resin.
I do have one of the weapon and eqpt sets but there’s no large packs in them and the one that does has a lot of junk, IMO, that I would never use and think them a waste of plastic and money.

What manufacturer provides what has been identified (you may end up having to make your own) but just to clarify a few things - for my sake/sanity as much as yours Jon: 37 pat large packs would normally be kept with the individual’s unit transport at echelon as opposed to being readily available (dependent on arm/service certainly)… The small pack or haversack, when worn by say the Infantry, was part of his combat equipment.

The large pack could be configured as part of marching order, and replaced the small pack on the back, the latter then being suspended on the left hand side and worn/carried satchel-fashion.

You don’t state how you plan to depict said equipment but if you’re planning adding some to AFVs etc then “Yes” I imagine a large pack or 2 would find their way there as part of a crew member’s kit. That said, there would normally be fairly strict guidelines as to what went where of personal kit, and you might discover that it was forbidden in such and such a unit for large packs to be incorporated into a vehicle’s kit as it would contain all that a soldier might own, and not just the combat/life support essentials. However, I have to cancel my own argument as on operations, pretty much anything goes!

As far as I know there were no 44 pat large packs; there was the haversack, equivalent to the 37 pat small pack (which was admittedly, also known as a "haversack). The 44 pat system did however, included a rucksack, what these days is often known as a “Bergen”.

No-one, I’m pretty sure , makes 44 pat equipment; however, one can utilise 37 pat ammo pouches as necessary and modify 37 small packs too, to get an effect.

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