1:35 Decals Made To Order

Hi everyone! This is my first post on the kit maker network, and I thought I’d take the opportunity to inform my fellow armour-modellers that I have a business making 1:35 decals. I specialize in UN and Canadian markings, but also do custom orders. Perhaps someone here might find this of use :slight_smile: If you want to see what I’m printing right now, take a look at https://www.autoloaderdecals.ca/ . Any interest is greatly appreciated! Can’t wait to post some of my builds in the armour section.



Welcome aboard Dennis. I plan to send you an email in the near future.

Nice stuff . I am looking to see if I can find the correct markings for the 1:35 Trumpeter WR 360 Diesel locomotive… There is a sheet available, but the one time I tried that brand, it was horrible…

Ooo Canadian markings! Ive been planning on doing some Canadian stuff so you will definitely be hearing from me in the near future.

Thanks! Looking forward to it.

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Awesome man! Canadian armour is pretty neat, glad to see there’s some interest in it.

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Email sent.

You said you do custom orders right? Because if you do I was wondering if you could make a set for a WWll Canadian grizzly Firefly. I have a good set of reference pictures that you can use, so if your interested please let me know!

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100%, let’s figure something out! You can find my business email here - https://www.autoloaderdecals.ca/contact/

Never even knew a Grizzly Firefly existed, gotta make one of those myself.

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Cool will send Email! The grizzly firefly is really obscure, only one was ever made and was only used for training.

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