1/35 Diamond T 968A from Mirror Models

Started fighting with Mirror Models Diamond T here. Almost lost several times but as long as you keep a 2 or 3 foot distance it looks at least okay(ish). Not to cast stones but really not the best kit I’ve ever tackled. I have the open top version as well but thinking seriously about selling it off. I’ll tell myself I’m culling the herd to assuage my tender feelings!!

Sorry, you’ll have to excuse the messy work area!


Looks like a pretty nice build to me, Rick! Anything in particular give you the hassles? I have a number of as yet I started Mirror Diamond Ts - both wreckers, the dump truck and this hard cab unit. I’m well into the Scammell transporter and despite a few issues I’m enjoying the build… Anyway thanks for sharing, I think you should be proud of your build.


Hey Jimbo,
Glad you like what I have so far, appreciate it.
Biggest bug with the kit is the enormous sprue gate attachment points, some parts have nearly 1/3 of an edge connected to a huge sprue making removal a long drawn out proposition at best which greatly adds to the build time. For a better run down than I could ever do check out Panzerserra’s blog on the kit here Panzerserra Bunker- Military Scale Models in 1/35 scale: Diamond T Model 968A cargo truck - 4 ton - 6x6 (G509)
The one thing I would add is to his commentary is that the cab is tricky, don’t wait to long to add at least one door to ensure everything is squared up. Even if it is temporary it will help avoid one of my mistakes. Without adequately checking the door (guilty) I ended up with gaps around door frames and windshield pieces that didn’t properly fit either. I ended up cutting new ones from acetate but it was not ideal.
I’m still moving forward with the build though. Added a dark acrylic wash around edges and shadow areas. Next up will be a (very) few chips and some discoloration/stains over the entire surface as well as a working a deeper dust wash over the tire tread area.




Too bad with what you comment with this model, the truck is really very attractive, but if you really did not enjoy it, I think that the option you propose is the best.
In the photos it looks interesting.
Greetings, Omar

Hey Rick;
Yes, Mirror got a lot of flak for the sprue-gates. I believe he started making them smaller on subsequent kits. I hear you about door and windshield alignment etc. I don’t usually do open doors or hoods and hope I’ll be able to put the cab structure together in good sturdy alignment. One can hope, eh? Anyways that’s a ways off before I start any of them. Too many projects on the bench and too little time… sigh…


I hear that! Lucky for me I’m planning on living to 145 or so. Just to finish of the stash; mind you!


looks nice to me! as for the work space .Don’t worry be happy.

Sad to read the deficiencies of the kit. Looks great after the effort.
Regards, Alvaro

Hi Rick, Nice work on the Diamond T, it looks great!
I toughed-out building the 968A Cargo Open Cab just this past winter for the ‘Lend Lease Campaign.’ As you and others have mentioned — ginormous sprue gates at every turn!:carpentry_saw: — love/hate during much of the build. … Though I must admit, some of my frustration was my own doing for not sticking to the original plan to build OOB.

I did find the instructions to be rather foggy during the latter third of the build — was wondering if your experience was the same. One thing that literally gave me nightmares was the radiator-to-hood-to-cab-to-frame alignments — lots of fiddly dry-fitting to get it right! :clamp: :hammer_and_pick:

Ultimately, I’d have to say, I loved the kit more than hated it. Good quality, high parts-count value and an excellent challenge as well.

Looking forward to more of your build.


Having read all this about these kits (of which I have quite a few), I’ve come to the conclusion I’ll have to have the patience of a monk when I get around building one of them. Thanx for the heads up before hand!. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face:

If it is anything like Mirror’s Diamond T/Holmes Wrecker it should be fantastic!