1/35 engineering love coming soon and it's not even Christmas!

As seen at Moxingfans


HobbyBoss may not be my favourite brand,
but, as the saying goes:
‘any port in a storm’ …


Bergepanzer 3 Büffel is already known and MAN 10t truck was to be expected. But Panzerschnellbrücke 2 Leguan is a REAL surprise! Given HB`s price policy it wound be easy over 100 Euros. How many kidneys have I leftover to sell? :smile:

Man, I hope they make a ton of money on that Buffel so it convinces them to pump out an M88A2 Hercules!


Oh boy, I’m in trouble, Hobby Boss is coming out with too many thing I want to buy! There goes my Budget!

Yep, the question remains, who else will do a Buffel? And whether it will be an A1 version… That bridge layer will find its way into my stash.


I hope that they make the M1001 MAN and Canadian version as well. Love these trucks. Hopefully the kit can be made without the armour as well.

Still hoping for a Chieftain AVRE & AVLB.

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If they have removed the old cab sprues you could swap the cab from a 6x6 version

The Tomahawk truck family will require some hefty modifications to the kit. The main problem will be getting the proper references.

More HB stuff displayed at Shizuoka Hobby Show.

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Hope it’s an assembly error on the scud, the launch erector is upside down!

Despite the fact that the LEGUAN is quite a sensation in 1/35, this kit seems to depict a quite early version (“Demonstrator”) of the AVLB. It lacks a lot of features of the production version, for exampe the APU (at least it looks like the right rear deck does not show it), a couple of stowage cages, different light guards, mirrors in guards, heavy front side armour, steps behind the stabilization blade, front mud flaps, to name a few. Also, the name PSB-2 is wrong, this project was cancelled more than a decade ago. If the kit comes as shown in this picture, this is a large field for after market companies who update it to finale state.


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Comparing this pics with the real track, I must agree with Andreas. There is a lot of potential for the AM industry = expensive update sets. I looks like they did the same as with their GTK Boxer kit - making an advanced prototype or demonstrator.

It will still be easier, and therefore more likely, to correct the kit as presented, than to scratch build it. Well, for me at least. Plus, being a prototype, there is some latitude in finished schemes and / or weathering. The kit is not an entirely lost opportunity.

A potential AM item for 10 ton truck is a cargo canvas cover.

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Hi Robin,

thanks for the input and pictures. I don’t like the add-on armour and hope it will be optional. I have 1 4x4 and both 6x6 and several Revell kits of this truck. I don’t want to waste any cabs, especially at their price point.

One of my all time favourites as you might have guessed.

Regards Jason

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Why oh why will no one do a decent Challenger 1 … how many more JagdTigers do we have to have lol

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There wasn’t any mention of a GLCM was there - or was that just a truck reference?

Anyway, how much longer must we wait for the Cold War game-changer of the RSD-10 Pioneer (SS-20)? If you’re going to produce multi-wheel Russian missiles at least let’s have this one.

They are just talking about the M1001 Prime Mover truck. It was used for many different systems in Europe; Tomahawk, Pershing, Patriot, etc…

If 1/72 strikes your fancy, there is a whole line of them from Revell and Modelcollect.

Yeah - I’m aware of these Gino and in a way it makes far more sense to pursue these in small scale (I have the Modelcollect GLCM) but I just feel that they’ll just look that little bit more monstrous in 1:35; after all, I recently acquired a Scrooge and monstrous is the word(!)