1:35 “Fallen Giants” dio completed

High all, started this build back in may and am finally complete with it. I took an old icm 1/35 T-35 kit and added some friul tracks to it and found some Germans to inspect it. The figures are from Stalingrads Set German soldiers inspect T-34, 1941. I didn’t use all the figures in the set just the three that are looking into empty hatches. The other three figures comes from icm Barbarossa figure set and they weren’t to bad, i had minimal issues with fit and traded out one head on the German pushing the soviet tank with an after market head i had laying around.



That guy looking in the turret, and one can see that interior… grest!! :+1::+1:


@bwilt thank you, these figures are awesome they have great detail and are easy to build. I used ak interactives field grey paint set airbrushing the base, shadows and highlights then going over the creases and details of the uniform with the shadow and base colors.

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