1/35 Italeri Opel Blitz/Maultier cab side needed

Hello Everyone,
I am hoping someone could help. I am looking to start/finish an Italeri Opel Blitz truck I bought many years ago. After opening the kit again, I realized that I am missing the cab sides. Please see picture. These are parts from a friends Opel Blitz. I figured a picture would be better than me describing it. I am not sure as to the part numbers, in mine they are part numbers 8 and 9. But they seem to change part numbers in other kits such as the Maultier/radio truck etc… I can buy or trade for the parts. I really hope someone could help. I look forward to hearing from anyone. I am in the US. Specifically Ohio.

Best Wishes,

I have an extra sprue with the 2 sides mentioned. Send me a $20 bill, and I’ll neatly package these bad boys up and ship it out right after. I’ll have to clip around other parts but I will keep the integrity of the sprue as not to bend the doors. You might get extra parts in the process.


Hello Jack,
Thanks for responding. I will have to pass. Unfortunately just too rich for me right now. Should have been better in my search description. So I guess I keep looking…

In the big scheme of things, that whole sprue/kit was going to a contest to sell. Since I’m up there in age, I’m thinning the stash. It won’t be a kit I’ll ever build now since it is a 25-30 year old kit. I’m kinda transforming to better engineering kits of today. With that being said, give me your address, I’ll just send you what I have. My treat.



address sent via private message, I guess that’s what its called here.


If that does/did not work out I’m you man - parts free to a good home. Other Italeri Opel Blitz and GMC Deuce and a Half parts as well.

My spare parts boxes overflowth!

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