1/35 m132

Hello everybody! This is gonna be my new project… gonna be starting it probably this weekend if I don’t have to work …. If anybody has and pointers or tips about this kit or any pictures of the tank I’m trying to replicate you wanna share that would be awesome!!


M132 “Zippo” belonging to 1/5th Infantry “Bobcats” , 25th Infantry Division “Tropic Lightning”

In this other view you can notice this M132 has extended steering levers so the driver could operate from atop the vehicle.



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This should be good. It was an interesting vehicle, especially this one.

O n the above pic, it looks like they have removed the top troop hatch and hung it on the side of the hull (circled). Interesting.

Looks more like a door to a vehicle that is out of the frame, it has tie down loops on it and seems to be smaller than the rear hatch would be.

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Not the rear hatch, the rooftop troop hatch.

Sorry, I meant top troop hatch.

Thanks for the pictures and comments! I was gonna ask what the black thing is hanging off the side!
Thanks for answering

I was looking through the sprues and noticed this…

Should i have any concerns?

I think a 3d printer in Vietnam produced an interior set for this vehicle.

No, Dragon will use sprues from earlier versions that have the same parts as the one in the kit. They do this all the time. It is cheaper to use an existing sprue, even if they only use a couple parts, then it is to make a new sprue.

The Dragon kit has a pretty complete interior. A few bits are missing, but not much.

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I was comparing this kit to the academy m113 and somebody seems a little off…

Looking forward to seeing this one. I’ve got the M132 parts and decals in the stash.

I believe that hatch is actually the door from an M548 that’s parked alongside.
M548 door

There are three more photos of that particular M132 in this photostream. click on the photo for the rest.

One from the front and two rear shots. Note the belly armor.


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I guess it’s the passenger door of a M548 (maybe a refueler for the Zippo…). Here’s the driver one but details are the same, like the square cutout above the top hinge…


Ah, that makes sense. Good catch.

Looks like Dragon missed the hinges and separator lines for the engine cover. It is an easy fix though.

ooh i want to follow this build as i plan on doing one of these.

I had the kit, but after having to trim the lower chassis panel, and realizing there was no turret interior (which seemed odd considering the fuel/air modules that are included for the interior), I ended up binning the kit.

Good job group! We figured out what that hatch/door belonged too! That was funny! Anyways I’m looking at this kit and I’m honestly thinking about converting an academy m113 to this… i gonna start building it now and see how it comes together… I’ll post pictures soon

So this it… this is the interior…

I left the seats out for not because they have No detail whatsoever…. Question though, with this being converted into an m132 which has a crew of 2,… do you think the VIC would be removed from the troop compartment?

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Good thing you said something cause i didn’t realize that… does anybody have any interior pictures of the turret? Maybe i can scratch up something simple