1/35 m3 lee

New Post here . Hello great site . Needing help finding plastic tracks for m3 lee or metal ones . Many thanks guys

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Hello Kiel and a big welcome to Armorama! You’re going to like all of the informative, helpful, friendly people here.
For your M3 Lee, may I suggest Masterclub T51 tracks. Very easy to assemble and superior when completed.

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Miniart offers both the flat (T41) and the “waffle” (WE210) tracks in plastic, though I think the later was used only on Grants. They are a bit tedious, but the result is nice.

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Another plastic option, found them to be easy to put together.



Tasca does sets for the VVSS with flexible plastic tracks included I think.

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What the above folks said about the tracks.

Are you looking for recommendations of brands to buy or stores that carry them?


Looking to buy a set on the cheap .

Many thanks guys for recommendations . Based in the UK so shipping cost from America is really expensive. Would a t-49 track fit a m3 lee ?

According to this website, yes.

How? I’ve only seen Red Army Lees with that pattern fitted to them.

The poster did not say which nation, only can the track be fitted to a Lee. As you pointed out it was on a Lee. Maybe @KurtLaughlin can provide more information on US used as he was one of the contributors to that website as I don’t know. I will have a look at Doyle’s book later to see if he mentions anything about which tracks.

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T48, T49, T51, and We 210 will all fit the M3 Lee. These are different block patterns, not different size tracks. It’s more a question of what was most common, the answer to that is the T51. However, there is no “rule”, you can put any of these style tracks on any Lee or Sherman. It just depends on what the QM Corps had available.


Doyle’s M3 book on quick skim didn’t really mention tracks outside the appendix that I saw. No photos of the T49 track on US or Russian vehicles that I saw.

The appendix list for the M3 series T41/48/49/51 for the Grant 1 WE210, T41/48/51.

Most of the photos I saw had slick pads (41 or 51) for US and other with the Brits mostly WE210.


That’s a very interesting detail fact!

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Welcome to the crew and no sense in repeating all the track options from above .

To an extent. All of the VVSS tracks will fit but some may not have been in existence when the tank, or at least the one you want to model, was around.



Yes, that was understood from the context. Definitely, not my first rodeo:)

Hannants are showing MiniArt T41 (MT35322) and WE210 (MT35323) tracks in stock at 12 pounds 99p each.