1/35 Meng Models USMC M1A1 Abrams

That’s an excellent job on the M1. Great finish, love the grimey look!

Oh I forgot to ask you : how was the build? Any problems with construction? I have this kit in my stash. Again, outstanding job!

Overall it looks great. There is two antennas missing. Looks like a whip and the other short fixed type (cannot recall the name this morning). You have the antenna bases on the right rear of the turret. The other thing that is confusing me is the markings, especially the B-3-21 on the rear hull. Did you get them from another set? I didn’t see them in the instructions.

Nice finish. Looks very good with how it’s got the down and dirty look. What did you paint the stowage with ? I always struggle a bit with the finished colour when I do US stowage ?

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Nice work! Looks awesome :heart_eyes:

Hi guys. Thanks for the feedback. The Meng Kit is great, no issues whatsoever; except some minor flash that requires clean-up. Can’t say anything on accuracy as I’m not an expert, but it looks right to me. I’d highly recommend the kit to anyone.

As for the antennas – I just saw this one on the reference picture I used (the photo is under a creative commons licence on Wikipedia):

As for the markings: They were not part of the kit – sorry, I forgot to mention it. I ordered them at Italeri; because they were the markings on the tank in the reference picture. They’ve got it in their USMC Abrams with Crew kit.

I’m not very happy with the stowage – it was only my second attempt at stowage (and my 5th tank overall). I basecoated it with tamiya; highlights and shadow were brushpainted with Vallejo.


Ah yes, the most rusty/scratched up Abrams I have ever seen. Pretty good representation of it. The pic is from Kuwait before or after taking part in the invasion of Iraq in '03. Unfortunately, it was later involved in a fatal accident in a harbor on Guam.

The shorter one is an EPLRS (Enhanced Position Location Reporting System) antenna.

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I knew it started with an E but less then a cup of coffee couldn’t recall the rest. It’s a small 3’ thick antenna.

Excellent job mate, well done. I really love the inclusion of stowage - it breathes life to the kit

Oh wow, I did not know about the accident! Are you sure the picture was taken in Kuwait, though? On wikipedia it says it was taken on an exercise in Twenty Nine Palms, CA.

Also great info about the antennas; I should look into that and add them then! I also regret not having the skills/patience to model the stowage more like in the picture; I especially like the big bag in the back and the additional holders on the side. If anyone has more info on those, I’d appreciate that!

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I was told Kuwait. Looks more like Kuwait to me too. 29 Palms is in a basin and has mountains in the distance in all directions. There is more scrub there as well.


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Nice build and convincing coloring and weathering. The different colors of the road wheels add a lot of visual interest. Very well done tracks. I am only afraid that the crew will soon loose the canisters on the side of the turret as they are not secured. :wink:
Maybe you dare a little bit of color modulation on your next build to make the base color look a bit less uniform.

Bottom line: very well done, Like!

Cheers Michael

It was Kuwait/Iraq and not 29 Palms. There a link/article I posted on here I will have to find more details.

I think the black bag was to protect the crew personal equipment.

The sand color bag on the side is the camouflage netting bag. I think it’s the pole bags underneath it.

The discussion about that tank.

thanks for those links. But I can’t seem to find the source that says the photo was from Kuwait?

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Believe me. That is not 29 Palms.

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I sure love the old, dirty, weathered look!! Very nicely done!!

To me it’s really not that important if its either/or, tbh – I was just wondering if I missed the source Tank_1812 was talking about. And as I already was not aware of the accident I’m interested in learning more about this particular tank, having spent around 6-7 weeks with it :wink:

In the thread I post on here is a link to a missing lynx post on the tank. Mike Mummey (old forum member and Marine tanker) said
“…tank shown is B-32 of the 1st Tank Bn assigned to BLT 1/1 of the 13th MEU. The picure was taken in late 2003 in the Kuwaiti desert at Udairi Range. The tank and crew did not see combat in Iraq. The 13th MEU deployed in late Summer 2003 to March 2004. The rust and such are from being transported aboard LCACs for all the ship to shore movements during the deployment….”


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