1/35 Metal tracks for 2K6 Luna

The old sector 35 tracks are long OOP and was wondering if there is a replacement available?

Would PT-76 tracks suit it? The running gear’s similar and a quick web search suggests some versions should match. Then the biggest problem is, will any on the market have enough links for what you need?

Do you have any idea on how many links would be required for each side?

If you look on the instruction sheet you can count them; there appear to be 96 per side; the Friul metal tracks for the PT-76 contains 200 links so they would be able to meet the requirement.

Trumpeter also produce plastic separate links for their PT-76/BTR-50 kits; I’m sure these too would be suitable, and I’m pretty sure there would be enough (I couldn’t find out how many they contain). Trumpeter normally throw in several extra in their track kits.

BootsDMS is right. I’m afraid I don’t know how many either vehicle needs, and in that situation I’d always count 'em on the real thing, then allow a few extra for luck. If the boxes for replacement links don’t say how many parts they contain, there might be reviews on the web that either count them or show you enough sprues that you can work it out. Hopefully that includes Sector 35, which would save you poring over pictures of the actual Luna.