1/35 Sdkfz 231 6 RAD * finished *

Over this past month I’ve been slowly working on Tamiya rebox of the old italeri Sdkfz 231 6 Rad kit. It was. A splendid model to put together and will look nice in a small vignette later. For the paints I used ammo migs Panzer Grey modulation set. The spare tire was base coated with a khaki grey from vallejo and then highlighted with khaki and ammo migs gelbbraun. After this was accomplished i gave the kit filter/wash of Payne’s grey by mixing it with lighter fluid and stirring, this is a method i picked up from @Chris_Bryan . The spare tire received a wash of brown and some ivory black to fill in a few spots. The rest of the tires received a wash of pure ivory black as well which blended the ammo Mig rubber and tire color together nicely. After a coat of varnish i did some streaking with ochre, Payne’s grey and white artist oil paint. I feel like I’ve gotten better at streaking effects but sometimes I fear that i do to much, regardless i think this is a good representation of a vehicle that has been in the field for a few weeks. Here is my final product, i hope you all enjoy!


Nice job! I really like these odd ball German armored cars and half tracks really neat.

I love the weathering!

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Very well done. That is a cool looking vehicle

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@Mead93 thank you. It was something different that’s for sure. I love the early war vehicles that look like a geometry teacher was on the design board. I think I’m getting the hang of weather. I appreciate that compliments

@Chris_Bryan thanks for all the help and step by steps you’ve done so far. They’re a game changer that i never knew i needed!

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It has been a joy to watch you grow as a builder.
All the text messages back and forth have been a great way to see that progress.
Keep up the good work . You are going to be one to keep our eyes on.


@Chris_Bryan i appreciate all you have done with helping me. You are an asset to this model building community!

@Gregory_J_Copplin . You are way to kind brother.
I just wish I had more time on here lately.
To be perfectly honest , I have been in build overload lately and forget to get on here as much as I should

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@Chris_Bryan ive just been busy with work so my time i do have that’s free is towards building. Trust me i forget to post here when i should.

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Gregory that looks great. Great build and great finish!

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Gregory, what are those things mounted on the front ? Never saw them before.

@metalhead85 Thank you! The directions indicate that they are smoke canisters. Not entirely sure how they would work on a 6 RAD i suspect the driver would have a way of discharging them.

Oh ok I thought it was something like that. Again great job on it.

@metalhead85 thank you!

Not built a German armored car in quite some time. Your rendition is very nicely done I especially like the color, not too dark, not too light and not too blue. May have to get this one. :+1: :+1:

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@Armorsmith thank you, i will say prior to the filter being put on it was noticeably broken up into highlights and shadows. The Payne’s grey filter brought it all together in the end tho!