1/35 Sherman BARV conversion questions

I managed to pick up Resicast’s Sherman BARV conversion for Tasca’s sherman III. While i have the base kit needed in the stash, I dont want to sacrifice a great kit for this build if necessary due to minimal use of parts.

A quesion for the shermanholics out there, can I use Tamiya’s M4 Sherman Early Production kit 35190 as a base donor kit? No engine hatches or the rear deck/hull will be exposed as seen in the images below.

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Nick, The Tamiya M4 kit is what the British called a Sherman I, not a Sherman III.

The Tamiya M4 kit has a 3 part bolted transmission, whereas the Resicast BARV seems to be based on the Cast cover type, not bolted. I presume the intent is for this conversion to be based on this kit:
Not this one:

The latter does not have the type of hoods that the Resicast kit fits around

All that said, the BARV did have a 3 part tranny cover:

So really it comes down to how close are the two hulls - same length, width, height, angels, etc. On that I can’t help you.


The top image of the Tasca kit is the one I have. I may just have to suck it up and use that one. Its such a nice kit to sacrifice though. More sherman parts for the spares box I guess haha.

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Does the BARV pictured have T54e1 tracks? Just trying to source some correct metal tracks for this build.

Yes Nick. T54E1 is what you want. All restored vehicles have other types. A closer image of ww2 use vehicles

If you have not seen this site, I’d boookmark it for future references on Sherman Tanks:


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Thanks @petbat for the confirmation and website links. I have just ordered R-model T54E1 tracks with pins from BNA.

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