1/35 UH-60A Grenada (OP Urgent Fury) Build

I am calling this one done.

First, here are how the main and tail rotors came out. The tail rotor is Academy and the main rotor is Kitty Hawk. I added the deicing wires to both and added the color coding on all the parts.

Here it is overall. I lightly weathered the helo with a sandy wash and a little bit of oil here and there. These were pretty much new birds when they went to Grenada, so they were not yet faded and touched up all over as later ones are.

The nasty, scratched starboard chin window above has already been replaced.

Some close-ups of the GIBs. There are six total. Two in each door and two inside along the back wall. They are all in BDUs w/jungle boots, PASGT vests, and Kevlar helmets as the 82d had just fielded all of these items just before being deployed to Grenada. I also added the troop strap to hold them in on both doors out of painted masking tape strips.

On the port side, the guy on the wall is sleeping and has an M16A1 w/30 Rd magazine. In the door is an M203 gunner and an M60 gunner.

On the starboard side, one guy is leaning against the rear wall with one leg hanging out and an M16A1 w/30 Rd magazine. The two in the door both have M16A1s w/30 Rd magazines as well.

This was a really a rewarding build and I am very happy with how it turned out. It looks the part to me.