1/35 USMC Jeep

Hello all

I’m in the process of building a 1/35th Tamiya Jeep, representing the PTO.
I’ve been looking around with no luck for decal’s or dry transfers for a USMC jeep. If anyone has a lead on a source for this I would greatly appreciate it.

I don’t know of a dedicated sheet. Archer Fine Transfers sells generic yellow sheet.

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Wow, ok thanks. I didn’t even see that when I was looking on their website.
I just typed in the search feature 1/35 USMC Jeep and got nothing. Thanks again for the Lead, I greatly appreciate it

Have a great day

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I don’t think they have converted that sheet from dry transfer to decal.

I like to save folks time and money when I can. You are welcome to the decals from the Skybow kit. You might have to rearrange a digit or two. They’re a bit hard to see - 12 and 13.