1/400 Heller Scharnhorst Battleship

Great old kit. No build issues. Real wood ‘veneer deck’, brass barrels and railing fabricated from brass stock. My first battleship. Did have some AB grain turbulence issues (air pressure too high?) when painting assembled deck walls.I will probably prepaint those types of structures before assembly in future? My first ship rigging.


That is a very nice build…more photos, please.


Mark :beer:

Always nice to see a Heller. More photos please, looks very sweet!

Looks great! But I thought that the Heller kit was 1/400 and not 1/350 :thinking:. If it is 1/350, I’ll need to look for one…

Thanks for your comment! I think you are correct, better than my scale memory for sure…I’ll correct that to 1/400 and thanks:) It was a very old kit but they wouldn’t tool for two scales so close. I could never do the brass railings worth a dam with cyano…just a disaster and no fun for sure until I found Gator’s Grip Acrylic glue.

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You did a beautiful job on Heller’s old classic. Well done! :+1:t3: :+1:t3: :grin:

great work