1/48 Airfix Supermarine Spitfire MkXII

I built it several years ago and it was an enoyable build. An instrument panel decal would have been helpful. The panel lines are a tad wider and deeper than I like, but I like them better than then ones that are too fine and disappear under a coat of paint. Have one in my closet I want to do next year and upgrade it with Barracuda bits, Moskit exhausts, resin wheels and metal gun barrels.

Looking good.

I grabbed one the other day and it does look nice on the sprues.

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Since the subject is about the Airfix kit, I’ll post this here:

I went to a couple of different Hobby Lobbys last week looking for the Airfix WWII USAAF Bomber Re-supply set. They used to be six deep on the shelves. Nothing. And no other Airfix kits either. The Spitfire used to prominently displayed there too.
I discovered they no longer will carry Airfix kits, (I posted that) but some can still be found on the bargain islands. I called around. Another employee told me some don’t even make it to the island - they’ve been told to trash perfectly good kits.
Now I respect the fact that Hobby Lobby wants to stay closed on Sundays for religious reasons. That’s their choice. But throwing away perfectly good kits - that’s a double sin in my book. Wasint the resources to produce the kit, and then adding to the landfill with something they could have gifted to a local club, Cub Scout troop, whatever. I’ll be talking to them about this practice in the coming days.

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I bought a kit from Hobby Lobby on line couple weeks ago…sent the wrong kit. I called their HQ and asked what to do…lady kept repeating same options. I got a bit irritated and she said “Sir I don’t have to deal with hostile customers” and hung up. I took the kit and threw it in a dumpster that has a compacting mode. It is now squished plastic! I will never step foot in Hobby Lobby or deal with them in any way, shape or form! Rant off! :rage: :rage: :rage: Triple sin ? Bwahahahaha

But why? If they don’t take it back or replace it (why don’t they?), you could still offer the unwanted kit someone else here on Kitmaker. Throwing a kit in the bin is the worst solution.

I also have some kits from my early days which I try to sell on model shows for small money. Sometimes I have more luck, sometimes less.


Never mind!