1/48 an/asq-173

Hello everyone!

I am checking to see if anyone has access to the dimension specs of the AN/ASQ-173 and it"s F/A-18C left cheek mount. I have been looking for one in 1/48 and am not having any luck. If I had the dimensions, I should be able to CAD one for 3D printing. I believe there is an AN/ASG-173 in the 1/32 Academy F/A-18C, but i don’t have the kit anymore.

Thanks for any possible help!

Don’t have any dimensions but these photos might help to scale off the length in 1/48.

Does this help?


I don’t know how accurate it is, but 1/48 Hasegawa F/A-18s include the AN/ASQ-173 on sprue D of every release.

Thank you everyone! I will see what i can do with all this!

Just found that the HobbyBoss kits have the cheek pods too! thanks for all the help!