1/48 F-104A kit?

Thousand thanks to Buckeye for back up on the decals. :slight_smile: Also found out the Winders I need are Ds. Doubt they were doing much testing on Bs in 60.

Here’s a link as to why the F-104 was used by the Navy…

USN F-104

And going by the reasoning, as well as timeframe, those could actually be AIM-9Cs, which was a variant only fielded on the F8U. The 9D was still a few years away.

Gracias. Interesting article but full of errors on the Navy use of F104s. NONE made it back to the Air Force. The YF (brought up to A standards), the one the article survived was actually the first lost. 55-2956 (Navy Modex 956) lost the engine on take off on 15 June, 1959. Navy Commander Herk Camp survived. Second loss was 56-0740 (Modex 740) crashed on 22 Sept. 1960, killing USMC Capt. Howard Casada. Last was 56-0757 (757) crashed on take off at George AFB on 07 April 1961. USMC Capt. David Hess died. (see privious posts) All were Naval Aviators. No USAF. As for the missiles, after a bit of snooping … Photos show what look like Deltas or Golfs ( As far as I could tell Ds were entering service and Gs were being developed. China Lake IS a test base.) Above photo of 740 shows a D or G. Difference s between the two were tracker and motor(?). PHOTO: Pilots of 956. Cmd. Camp circled.

Site I found on F-104s. And for China Lake … A Photographic History of NAF and VX-5 at NOTS China Lake (chinalakealumni.org)

Hell, I guess I’ll stop looking at this thread and linking stuff that might be helpful… I’m 0 for 2…

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