1/48 F-15 decals

Anybody make decals for the 194th Fighter Squadron, Cal. ANG F-15Cs? I find several for Oregon, but no Ca.s. Checked the usual suspects. (also, would they be flying with AIM -120s and AIM-9Xs?)

This Bullseye Decals set has some CA ANG Eagles

Guard Eagles

As far as weapons load out goes, AIM-120s have been fairly common on ANG fighters over the past 20 years. I can’t say about the AIM-9X’s off the top of my head. On a continental air defense role I can see them being not a necessary as those on the “flash points” likely to encounter high maneuverability high performance aircraft needing the X’s capabilities. Perhaps they have trickled down by now…

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Two Bobs also makes a set

Fresno Eagles

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quick google search… circa 2013, the load out you’re asking about for that squadron…

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Awesomeness. Now to (A) see if I can find a set and (B) see if it and the kit fit into the budget. Moochass Grassyass. (Gringo Spanish. )