1/48 Hasegawa JASDF F-2A

Added aftermarket digital pattern decals. I will never do this again. Lol


The F-2 looks very cool Anthony, sounds like there’s a story behind the application of the decals :smiley:

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The kit supplied decals were as thick as cardboard so had to order aftermarket decals. Putting on decals that large took me twice as long as building and painting. :rofl:


Awsome looking bird!

I have the kit also in stash for an super kai project… is their anything to lookout for in the assembly? Any fitment issues? At first glance loooking at the instructions, it reminded me of a mixup of the hasegawa f-16cj and kinetic F-16’s.


Next time you’ll mask that pattern out???


It looks really great!

Thanks, but no more digital patterns for me. Lol

The fit is ok except for the canopy to fuesalage. The canopy frame is not as wide as the fuselage so it shows a bit of a step, but I didn’t check the fit ahead of time. The rear of the fuesalage upper and lower pieces need some putty. The decals that came with the kit were super thick. Even the panel stencil decals were useless. Decals solvent was no use. Not sure if it’s just this kit version or not. Overall not that impressed with it.

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Thx for the headsup :+1:

Well, doesn’t sound sooooo bad (italeri f-16 flashbacks intensifying)
I mean, i havent had a f-16 kit, that didn’t need some putty. Luckily i picked up some dxm decals beforehand :sweat_smile:

fantastic; I am dreaming of a digital SU-27? I already have the kit (Academy) but was wondering about the camouflage. I think of cutting a mask myself.

There is no cure for madness :slight_smile:


Masking will certainty give you a much nicer finish. Even the aftermarket decals require a lot of setting solution to get them to settle in. I still ended up going over panel lines and rivets with tools to so they can be seen.