1/48 Me-109 need recommendations

Hi Everyone,

As a devout armor modeler who hasn’t touched an airplane kit in over 25 years, I need your insights into kit selection. Goal is a basic fun to build display model that looks nice from 2 feet away.

Basically 109’s for Dummies Request:)

My criteria.
1/48 109’s scale only
Price is range - less than $65
Outstanding fit is paramount
Easy of assembly is important
Simplicity is Golden
Recessed panel lines required
Correct shape matters
Detail accuracy less so
Minimumal photo etch preferred
Like F, G & K models, open to others
Open to basic aftermarket products like new decals, vacuum formed canopy etc

No Accurate Miniatures kits
(prior experience greatly dislike their engineering philosophy for the Mustang & other kits from back in the mid 1990’s)

Thank you for your time and reviewing my request. Happy Modeling!

I dabbled in aircraft a bit before being tempted to the dark side… my choice would be the Eduard 1/48 Me-109G late series. Its a fairly good price (About $50.) and has good details and is pretty accurate for the money.
Please anyone with more experience point out if I’m wrong.

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Ezra, how is the fit with this kit? Specifically wing roots?

I second what Ezra said. The best Bf 109 kits on the market are made by Eduard now. They also have the so called “Weekend Editions” (don’t think you get them together on a weekend … :wink:). They are usually around 20 Euros. No PE parts and no masks included, but usually 1-2 decal options. Have a look! Profi Packs with PE parts and masks are around 35-45 Euros. Here are 5-6 decal options possible.

Tamiya has also some nice 109’s kits, but only “Emil” (Bf 109 E). Hasegawa has also the range of F to K versions.

Happy modelling!
Torsten :wave:

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@BlackWidow & @Panzer_modeler,

Thank you for the info. The links are fascinating. Whole new world :earth_americas:

It sure looks like Eduard has cleaned Hasegawa’s clock in variety and goodies.

Do Eduard kits fit together well?

Thanks Wade! The overall fitting of the Eduard 109’s is good, though they need a bit of sanding here and there and at the wing root section there might be some putty necessary, depending on the kit you have. But nothing really serious and it’s a good value for money, especially if you buy a Weekend Edition.

Earlier this year I have built an Eduard Limited Edition Dual Combo of 2 Finnish Air Force “Mersu” and made a build blog in the old Aeroscale. Check it out if you like. These kits came with PE parts and masks.

Have fun!
Torsten :beer:

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Thank you Torsten & Ezra,

Ordering an Eduard Weekend Edition - 1/48 Bf 109G-10 Mtt Regensburg today.


Cool! Will you be doing a build log for it or entering it in any campaigns, cuz if you are I’d love to see.

Ezra, that very flattering:)

Sure, I’ll post some pictures of it.

Decently built model airplanes are well outside of my experience zone :slight_smile: I’d advise against looking at the pictures if drinking a tasty beverage…it could get spilled while your chuckling.


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The build I did recently from Tamiya was really simple. Most reviews dont like it. I did and will do more just so I can get on with the scheme of the planes. Its a $25 dollar kit.

I have the Alderangriff and Wilde Sau dual combos coming up next from Eduard. picked them up at $55 each from sprue last month.

Also have the Airfix 1/48 which is top 3 in fit?

The Tamiya trop also is liked. One day will do it also just for the engine part of it.

@Mrclark7, did I read that right an AirFix 109 with good fit? That’s very interesting.

Watched Scale-A-Ton’s 109 build video review of the Zvezda vs Tamiya vs Eduard.

Does the Tamiya kit cowl fit together well if its closed?

The Tamiya looks impressive that nose seemed radically different in its construction.

Thank you

If I read right the Eduard updated its tooling about the sizing issues. Wasn’t really a concern for me. But they come with a ton of marking options. The extras will be used on the Airfix and another cheap tamiya build.

Which Tamiya cowl kit? On the one I built was a small gap made worse by my sanding. On the Trop version, open or closed cowl seems good I hear.

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Thank you, sounds like the Tamiya closed cowl will fit

What was appealing for me to eventually get the Tamiya trop is the use of magnets that allows you to do open or closed versions. JFIY !

Will watch on which ever you go. good luck.

FWIW - Sprue Brothers has two 1/48 versions of the Eduard weekend build 109’s on sale for $14.99 today.