1/48 Monogram AH-1S am stuff

Does anyone know if there is any am stuff for the 1/48 Monogram AH-1S and what is the difference in the AH-1S and AH-1F. Thanks

There is aftermarket for the kit. Werner Wings is the main go to, at last recall had the exhaust (a must to avoid the seems), weapons resin and decals. Master has a barrel set also worth getting.

As for the difference between the two.


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The AH-1F was the Army’s final version of the TOW missile armed Cobra and the F denoted “Fully Modernized.” The F model differed externally from the other flat plate canopy Cobra models in that it had the Air Data Sensor (ADS) boom mounted to the canopy frame. The other big difference was the F model included a head’s up display for the pilot. All previous Army Cobras employed a conventional gunsight.

Technically, all Cobras designed to carry the TOW missile were S models, but there were so many different variations of the S model, the Army tried to simplify things by using letters to denote the unique differences. This resulted in nomenclature that did not flow chronologically. After this change the AH-1M denoted a TOW Cobra modified from the original G model. It employed the original rounded canopy and the original chin turret with 40mm grenade launcher and minigun. The next TOW version the was AH-1P which denoted the first “Production” aircraft designed from the assembly line as a TOW Cobra. It was also the first to employ the flat-plate canopy and it retained the original chin turret. In between the Production model and the final fully modernized version was the AH-1E, which denoted the ECAS Cobra (Enhanced Cobra Armament System) The E model also employed the flat-plate canopy but was the model first to replace the original chin turret with the 3 barreled XM-197, 20mm cannon. The E also had a 10Kva alternator mounted to the transmission to help power the electric turret. The original turrets were powered hydraulically.

Hopefully, this explanation is helpful.

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I’ll be opening Werner’s Wings back up around 30 June. I have a new update set but no instructions for them yet. Just contact me at fwernerjr@comcast.net

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The “S” linage is a bit interesting.

The first “upgraded” AH-1 to carry TOW missiles was actually the AH-1Q, not the AH-1S.

The Q had the narrow chord TR blade and 713 engine. The only mods to the airframe were the addition of the TSU and TOW. The Q was an interim bird on the path to the S and a definitive tank killing Army Cobra.

These birds were later converted to some variants of the “S”. Starting around 1988 the Army switched the designations away from “S”. However, in 1989 AH-1G/E/F/P/S airframes were listed by serial Number on any Serial No. lists I have. No Q’s.

AH-1R, at least one converted from a G. Did not reach production. Was an alternative to the S.

Then you had the “S” models. This info is based on the designations around 1979/1981. Later (1988) they changed the designations, and forever muddied the water.

With all the variants pre 1988 the designation on the side of the birds just FWD of the left stub wing was stenciled as “AH-1S”.

Mod S. (Later AH-1M) Round Canopy, TSU and TOW missiles, Flat tip 540 rotor blades and upgraded engine. YAH-1S 70-16055, I think this was the first AH-1S. I have shots of this bird at Ft hood when I was flying UH-1H’s with fire suppression gear and we got tapped to cover the YAH-1S tests. The Mod S flew with and without toilet bowl exhaust stacks during their service.

Prod S, (later AH-1P) First with flat canopy. I have shots of PROD S’s with and without “toilet bowl” exhaust stack. Started with flat tip 540 blades, and were upgraded to Kaman 747 taper tip blades, as were all the “S” models.

ECAS S, (Later AH-1E) Enhanced Cobra Armament System. I have shots of AH-1E’s at Bragg with and without toilet bowl exhaust stacks, and 747 blades circa 1990.

FMC S (Later AH-1F) Fully Modernized Cobra, had the Hot Plume exhaust stack and air data sensor on the Rt Ft canopy rail as shown on the Monogram kit. When I built this kit for the 87 IPMS Nats I gave up on the kit stack and went out and bought a table top lathe and turned one out of plex. Took a first. When I saw the bird in 1988 it had been designated JAH-1F, and was still in sand IR paint. The FMC S was also the first bird to have the ALT, Laser tracker on the top of the sale. In the Monogram kit this is depicted as a solid “bump”.

You can simulate it with a grain of wheat bulb and sanded down piece of clear sprue. Although I turned mine on the lathe.

On the table in ‘87. The tail boom exhaust stains are indicative of a bird that operates at lower altitudes. At Carson (6000’) the turbines burn clean.

I have Test Board shots of the JAH-1F 66-15339, in sand paint for an early 1982 camo IR/paint test. As well as in ‘88 on one of my trips to Mother Rucker. At the time of the test is was an “FMC S”.

Aside from those points there were added odds and mods to the fuselage and tail boom of each of the birds.

To add more interest there was at least one AH-1G (66-15336) that flew with TOW missiles and Kaman 747 rotor blades at Edwards. But no TSU…

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