1/48 RAF Bomb Trolley & 500 Lb bombs


I need to source a 1/48 WWII RAF Bomb Trolley and some 500 lb’ers - - for my next project, a Mosquito FB Mk VI.

Any ideas welcome.


I was almost sure that Airfix does this in both 1/72 and 1/48 but I was wrong, it’s 1/72-only :frowning: !

I found this thread on the old Aeroscale-site and there were some suggestions, the main lead being Flightpath where the trolley seems to be temporarily out of stock. You might be able to find it somewhere, it seems to have been in stock at Hannant’s as recently as the beginning of April!

I hope you find something that works!



Thanks - it seems not so easy!

The French resin kit maker Gasoline makes a bomb hoist conversion for Tamiya’s 1/48 GMC deuce and a half . Tank Workshop made a resin 1/48 US M6 bomb truck and trailer if you can find one - Accurate Armour make very nice 1/48 resin kits of British WW II airfield vehicles including Fordson and David Brown tractors which would be appropriate for towing bomb carts .
The British bomb cart may have to be scratch built - perhaps scaling up the Airfix 1/72 kit ?
Also try Shapeways although their products don’t seem to be as good as other 3D printed stuff these days.
HTH - Richard

Flightpath makes several makes several bomb trollies for both US and British, Hannants normally carries them but they can be expensive.