1/48 Republic Seabee

Hi all - I have just completed this build for an aircraft owner . This is the Glencoe repop of an ancient kit from the dawn of plastic aircraft kits . First released in 1949 by O -lin . The original was molded in solid color so no clear glazing . Glencoe molded the entire kit in clear plastic in order that the glazing be transparent. As it has no interior I fogged the glazing by soda blasting the inside .
The client wanted in flight , wings level and climbing at a specific attitude. To that end he sent me a video the aircraft from which I was able to extrapolate the pitch .
For all it’s age the detail was surprisingly crisp but the fit was another matter and workin with all clear brittle plastic was challenging.
Primed with Tamiya rattle can Fine Grey then Gunze Mr Color Gloss Light Grey then Alclad Hi Shine Polished Aluminum. Teal is a custom mix from Tamiya Sky Blue and Green .

Hope he likes it !
Cheers- RT


That’s an incredibly odd bird! I really like how good it looks even if it isn’t a modern super-detail kit.



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