1/48 Tamiya Bf109E3/4 windscreen needed

Hello Everyone,
I hope this is the right area for this, I could not find any other. I am searching for a windscreen clear part for my 1/48 scale Bf109E-3 its part C-3. I, unfortunately, cracked mine trying to remove it from the sprue with my sprue cutters. I can buy or trade for the part. I have a set (2) canopies of Squadron Vac replacements but these are beyond my skill and physical limitations to do, so if someone wants to trade for these I would be happy to do so. If anyone could help, I would be grateful to hear from you.

Best Wishes,
Walter Schneider
I am in Ohio, USA

can contact me directly at sturmgeschutziv(at)fuse(dot)net
replace the (at) with @ and (dot) with .

Thank you again.

Sent a PM.

Hey Panzer,
Unfortunately the Eduard windscreen for the G is just too different to use on an E. Not even sure if the part widths are close to each other. I will continue to hope for a spare kit part or even a partial start kit to gain the clear parts. I think the vac canopy will be an absolute last resort. But will keep you in mind. Thanks for the offers.


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