1/48 Tamiya....ish Fw190 D-9 "Black 10"

This build took me about 4 months to get finished. Being a Tamiya it lends itself to a quick build. It was a run of the mill 1/48 Tamiya Fw190 D-9 with an Aires (pretty much complete engine and cockpit set), CMK undercarraige set, Model Master gun barrels and Aeromaster decals. Additionally, there was a slew of parts that I used from my spare Eduard Fw190 A8/ R2 kit to include the sliding canopy section, landing gear struts and doors (due to fact that Tamiya’s landing gear is WAY too short), port side wing root cannon access panel, pitot tube, and instrument panel with PE. I also used a cowl gun access panel from an Eduard Fw190 D-9 kit that I had. The aircraft that I built is “Black 10” from I/JG26 surrendered in Flensburg in May of 1945. The aircraft was supposed to be shipped back to the U.S. for evaluation but never made the trip and was left in Germany. Odds are it ended up in the scrap heap. Anyways , noticeably visible is the half obscured Gruppe numeral on the side of the fuselage after it was reassigned from III Gruppe to I Gruppe as it was hastily painted over in the field.


Very nice paint job and engine detail!

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Excellent looking FW190D9, very nice!

Speaking of lost Axis aircraft…

Several Axis warbirds were sent to a local WW2 AFB here in Indiana for evaluation. Later orders to scrap the planes were issued. Depending on who tells it between ~12 to 17 planes “disappeared” without confirmation of destruction. For all we really know there’s an intact FW-190D9, TA-152, Do 335 or Tony etc sitting in an old barn out in the MidWest…

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Thanks Grauwolf and Armor_Buff.

Armor_Buff: That is a great bit of information. Would be nice to see those aircraft.

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Nice model, I liked how you opened it up.

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Thanks Lakota! Being a Tamiya it was a great kit to build.

Hi Joseph

Absolutely stunning on all counts! :beer:

Apart from the obviously gorgeous engine detail, I really like the way you’ve depicted the slack aerial for the late-style canopy.

All the best

Rowan :beer:

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Thanks Rowan! This one pretty much just fell together for me. In fact it went together so easily I thought I’d done something wrong. lol

great work

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Beautiful job ! I’ve got one in the stash if I ever get to the German pile …

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Out of the park Brother!

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Thanks you guys!! This one’s my all time favorite aircraft build.