1/48 Tamiya P51D Build (with Aires/Eduard Detail)

Hi everyone, I thought i’d share my progress on this P51D build.

I’m not new to aircraft builds, but have taken a long break from them to concentrate on WWII German Armour. My last was the RFM 1/35 Panther G with full interior, and after that ball breaker, I needed something a little less involved and decided that a couple of aircraft projects would fit the bill.

I took inspiration from Frank Dargies’s build of this kit (P51)

I’ve used the same kits as him, although I added the Eduard PE set too.

The Eduard set has been useful so far for things like cockpit panel detail, as these come pre-painted (although they are a bit ‘Noddy’) - however, for a kit in this scale, its fine. Aires have you build the cockpit from scratch using resin parts, whereas Eduard have you use the kit parts with some modification required. The two aren’t really compatible, but as i said, there is scope for mix and match.

As is typical with Aires, a serious amount of butchery, filing and sanding is required to get the parts to fit, and the instructions could be clearer to be honest.

Anyway, this is my progress so far. i’m not a quick builder, so this may take some time. I welcome constructive criticism.

If anyone knows of a quick, efficient way of thinning down the fuselage sidewalls from within without going through, i’d be most grateful for that advice.


Great start with the cockpit. The detail looks superb :smiley:

Yes. Nice stuff for sure.

Not to shabby for a young feller.