1/48 weapons

Any leads on 1/48 weapons? Ones I’m looking for , for a project, are AK-74s (need 2, maybe 5), PK/PKM (2, maybe 3) and NSV (1). I found a set of 5 3d printed AK-74s , … for $70!!! (the base kit was less!) Liveresin makes excellent stuff , but 1/35 don’t help me much. :frowning: Also , 1/48 Javelin, NLAWS or Stugna-P would be helpful.

Try it here - there is a “production on demand” option. I like a few things and would love to order them, but the shipping costs are horrendous 26€🤨

Update- My colleague from Poland - a modeler prints armaments, accessories in 1/72, 1/48 and 1/35. I bought myself an H&K 1/35. I attach photos of Ak47 and Ak74 1/48. contact: ep.scale23@gmail.com or FB fanpage

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