1/48th Horsa Glider, Fonderies Minitures

I realised this post may be more useful posted in Aircraft rather than Armour.

Fonderies Miniture did one in 2010, Armorama Review 2010

I managed to build one, 1/35th Bronco Horsa MK1 Build (Scroll Down)

My Build Photos here

This is without doubt, the worst kit I’ve ever managed to finish.* I got it heavily subsidised, & only finished it as a commission for club display.

It looks like there were 6 different people making the major components who had a grudge against each other!
Nothing fits, gaps big enough to put fingernails through, & plastic like french cheese, in that when you sand it, it crumbles!
There are no meaningful tabs or location points & you will need references.

You must build in a spar across the fuselage & wings, or it will split, as the only other one I’ve seen finished at a show, broke it’s back in transit, pics of mine in My Build Photos.

I learnt to Silver Solder the scratch-built landing gear, & how to polish canopies. I also learnt never to spray Humbrol gloss varnish on canopies. After about 15-16 hours on the canopy, I didn’t have the heart to do over.

Pics show some of the 150g/5oz. of weight under the cockpit & cabin.

The circular windows didn’t fit, so I sanded them to the same size, redrew the circular opening centred to a square, printed on thin BLACK art card, used a hole-punch for the opening, cut them square, sandwiched a square of clear acetate to the windows. Similar to how the original was done.

For the Insane, there is one available on UK ebay currently at a similar price to the Bronco MK1 (excluding postage) btw.

For masochists: a Vac-form is available from Sanger Engineering Horsa. No longer available from Hannants UK

Were I to do this again, I’d do the Bronco 1/35th, but in 1/48th, the FM box of wobbly cheese gives you more to work with than the Sanger.
I also have the Sanger Waco Hadrian CG.4A glider and the GPM card model, (for details) in my stash…

Also from Italeri in 1/72, & Bronco MK1 & MK11 in 1/35th.

In 1/33 card models GPM AS-51 Horsa Mk.1 Glider

  • I’ve half-built worse kits, unfinished, btw.