1/48th Tamiya F-35 - "Fifth Generation"

Calling this one done! I really wasn’t kidding about the light weathering. I dug and dug to find good in-service “A” photos and most only showed streaking around the large RAM paste panel on the back center of the fuselage and lots of brake dust buildup, so that’s what I recreated. B’s and C’s are a different story, but I’ve got plenty of references now for B’s and C’s for when I get my hands on those - well more like whenever Tamiya decides to make a “C” variant. I doubt it’s far off.

All that’s left now is to finish up some odds and ends like the ordnance and the capture the alternate method for painting the landing gear and it’s onto writing the guidebook! Of which I’ve already updated the cover.

Thanks for following along with this build and thanks for all your kind words along the way! We’ll see what’s up next on the bench. I was planning on getting back to the 1/35th RFM M1150 ABV, but a 1/35th Meng Technical is calling my name.


Man thats a fantastic kit! Bravo!

Some ideas…


This is superb.

I’d love to see what you could do with Hasegawa’s 1/48 Raptor.

In the US anyway it’s because of the user and location. A’s are only AF (landlocked), B/C’s are USMC/USN are land and sea. Look at the difference between F-15/16 and F-18’s. You will see a similar pattern.

Noice build, congrats. :+1::+1:

I like either armor option next, but am leaning Technical.


Thank you Dan! and thank you for the photos. I’ve got something a little different in mind. Making a 1/35th scale version of a QILO Christmas ornament :grin:

It’s on the list! Maybe I’ll have to expand the book when I get around to making it, although having played many hours of Ace Combat growing up, I might have to do it in one of the Mobius or Strider markings.


Wonderful! Please share more

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Here’s the post-build-build-log of the F-14A :grin:


After a solid week of sifting through 1,500 odd photos, layout, and actually putting words on the page, the guidebook is finally complete!

Here’s some snippets:

In the end there were around 400 or so which got whittled down to about 240 after picking the right angles when it came time for layout.

If you’re interested, you can find the guidebook here:
Fifth Generation U.S. Air Force Fighters (1990-Present) Complete Guidebook

And I’ll leave you with the funny fact that before the start of this build, I had never liked the look of the F-35.

Probably because I grew up in the late 90’s and early 2000’s when the F-22 was the end all be all, and don’t get me wrong, it still tops the list of “best looking planes” for me, but I’ve definitely come around on the F-35. Makes me think I should build a model of an F-4 Phantom and see how my opinion changes (yes, that’s right, I don’t think the Phantom is the prettiest of planes, sacreligious I know).

Thanks again for all your kind words throughout this build and I hope to see you in the next one! Cracking open the Meng Technical tomorrow night.


I would agree she might not be the prettiest but she has it where it counts.

The F-8 now, is a pure sex machine.

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A very skillfull build.

and my usual rant :slight_smile: I really hate those raised panels. It would have been much better if this would have been done with decals.

I can only hope that some brand will produce 1/48 scale stealth jets without those raised nonsense

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