1/50 Scale Display Vignette

Completed a display diorama for a customer some months back. The scale display, is 1.2m x 0.40m x 0.40m in dimension. It is mostly for displaying 1:50 scale truck models, at exhibitions. I have come a long way and have done a lot of home made rock molds and scratch build details. I’ve even included handles that would make it easier to managed when moving it around. I also tried to make it as sturdy as possible, as it will be moving around quite a lot. I will also be weathering the truck combo you see on the display. I just used it to take photos of the layout to see how it would look. I tried to mimic new/old patch roads, after many years of heavy traffic across this region, especially by truck drivers. The truck in the photos was weathered after these photos were taken. If you scroll further, you will see the results of the truck and it’s accompany trailer.

Before weathering shots:


That is damn impressive… Massive layout and again, unbelievably realistic… The road and it’s weathering are superb

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Thank you. Glad you liked it.

Another great looking project, well done. :+1:

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Thanks buddy.

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