1/700 Flyhawk HMS Hermes

This is Flyhawk’s Hermes. As usual, another beautiful kit from Flyhawk; well designed and engineered so that even a mediocre builder (such as me) can make a decent job of it.



Leo! A beautiful representation of Hermes!

Thankyou for sharing! :slightly_smiling_face:

Gorgeous! Hermes never looked so good. It makes me want to try out one of Flyhawk’s little beauties.

If you like model ships, you really should! You need patience (because of the many small parts), and you need good eyes (because of the many small parts). Even OOB they are beautiful models.

Beautiful build!! I’d not guessed it to be 1/700 from the pictures, that’s great work! I especially love the plane in the aft elevator, visible from a side view as well. Very cool!



Gorgeous rendition of this vessel and really shows the detail in these Flyhawk naval kits. Are those microscopic crewmen part of the kit too? :flushed: I’ve built a few of the old 1/720 ships so I have a fair idea of this scales size so again, these kits look impressive! :thinking: And decals for those planes part of the kit too?

Jan :beers: :beers:

that ship looks amazing, well done indeed


Amazing work - didn’t realize the elevator was in the shape of a T - very interesting!!


@Tread Geek: My little guys are 3D printed (not North Star) and I won’t buy them again! Their ankles were their weak point - no matter how I cut them with several types of cutters they always broke off at the ankles, making them look short! Flyhawk includes everything (except the figures) and the decals are no exception - dozens of tiny roundels and flashes.

Some self-criticism: in the close-ups I see where my sprue clippers took a little nip out of a couple of lifeboats; and the flight deck is way too clean - should be some wear marks from landing’s and take-off’s. You guys are way too kind! :+1:


Mark :beer:


Naw, that is just the work of a sloppy coxwain who bashed the boat into the dock at the Hermes’s last liberty call!

And that’s my story and I am sticking to it!