1/72 A1-h skyraider canopy

I have a Tsukuda 1/72 sky raider the forward canopy broke in half. I found one for a A1-J for Airfix models wondering what differences are between the H and J model canopy or if anyone knows where I might find one.

From what I can tell, the canopies are the same between the two. The front windscreen is a simple three-piece. It should be ok.

The main tell tale difference between the H and J were the tail wheels. The H having a solid rubber tire for carrier landings, the J had a more conventional inflatable.
I think a lot of J’s began life as Navy H models. When the US Navy began to phase them out in favour of A-7’s, the USAF and VNAF snapped them up. A lot of the alterations were internal. Mostly rewiring for the huge arsenal of weapons they could carry!

Thanks for the info!

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Happy to help.
Let us know how you get on.

Is it a vac canopy you’re using?

Yes it is a Vac canopy from Squadron

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