1/72 Revell B-24D

Depending on what model they may open out! I read some J models opened out and some in like this D. The article said it depended on what plant built them, another article said the J model opened out because they needed room inside for the ammunition belt feed to the nose turret. John


That would make sense. I’d have to do a bit of digging around and examining photos.

There’s an interesting video on YouTube of a walkthrough (or crawl through) of a J while in flight. You wouldn’t believe the amount of gaps in the airframe there are. Especially around the front and rear turrets! The wind was whistling right through it! It can’t have been a comfortable aircraft to be in at altitude or poor weather. I imagine the pressurised B-29 was like luxury accommodation in comparison.

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I have the wings on and dihedral set. John


I did a walk through of the Collings Foundation B 24 - catwalk across the bomb bay scary enough while motionless on the ground - can’t imagine it at altitude .
The aircraft’s center of gravity must be directly over the main landing gear . I have never seen an aircraft hobby horse so much while taxiing.

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Makes you wonder where they got the nick name “Consolidated Mess”. John :grin:

That is such a good image of the fuselage. The way the lolli sticks are proping up the fuselage reminds me of the pallets and railway sleepers they use in aircraft scrap yards once theyve removed the undercarriage. Great progress on the build John :smiley:

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Thanks, I had it upside down so I figured I might as well paint and install the wheels. I have a less complicated build next, Minicraft 1/144 B-52F NMF over black Vietnam veteran. It looks to be a nice kit, tons of extra weapons and parts for an H and D. I am building it on a stand, wheels up, flaps dropped with MERs under the wings but no bombs. John

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Hi John. What kind of light are you using to brighten up your work area? If you don’t mind me asking…

My lighting is rude, crude and offensive.I have a Wally World and a Targay goose neck with 40 watt ecolight LED daylight bulbs. Above them on the ceiling is a fan with 4 of the same bulbs. I rely heavily on my “My Pictures” photo editor to tone things down when I edit photos, crop, etc. Hardly professional but it works for me. John

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It does work really well :smiley:

This is on hold for a while. I put it on it’s “feet” and the belly almost touched the table. No room for the ball turret. I adjusted the wings, too much dihedral, and cracked the top wing joints. The MLG are severly “toed out” and the nose gear keeps leaning to the left, very flimsy. Also I keep looking at the too tall top turret. I am going to back off this for a while. Hoping Airfix comes to rescue soon as neither the Minicraft or Revell 1/72 Liberators impress me at all. Time to take a break and step back. John