1:72 Takom M1070 Part Needed

Looking for Part “N” from the tractor M1070. This is the trailer ramp leading to the fifth wheel of the tractor. Apparently this is a non-sprue part that, along with the tractor chassis (!!! Yes I know, !!!) that didn’t quite make it to the boxing of the kit. Hoping that someone building the same-scale M1070 gun truck has that part which wouldn’t be needed for the gun truck.

Hello m75
I thought I might be able to help you out, as I just purchased the M1070 gun truck. However the gun truck doesn’t come with Part “N”. So, sorry about that. Hope you can source those parts somewhere else or figure out a work around. Good luck with your build. I made the M1070 + M1000 w/D9R. Very nice kits.
Bruce Hurl

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