1/72nd scale tow chains

I would like to know what company makes the best quality tow chain for armor vehicles in the 1/72nd scale?

Here’s one option: ‘LZ Models Blackened Chain’

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Thanks for the information on the 1/35th scale tow chains, but unfortunately I’m looking for 1/72nd scale tow chains.

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I see what happened… that link defaults and says “1/35.” There’s really no specific scale to the LZ Model chains. I believe the ‘Precision very Fine Chain (No. 35601)’ would work well for 1/72 tow chains — the smallest one in the image below.


Here’s their full line-up: No. 35601 • No. 35602 • No. 35603

Please note: I have no affiliation with any companies.


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Thank you very much for the information, I’ll have to take another look at the website.


I know it’s mostly 1/35 but it still might work for your needs with the smallest chain I am using for the tail gate chain.

And there is also another option to try.


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In what capacity did you want to use tow chains on armor? Armored vehicles almost always use tow cable - reason being, cable is much stronger than chain. Chain links can easily snap under stress…don’t be anywhere near if a chain suddenly snaps through stress and the end comes whipping at several hundred mph; it could take a head right off! I would suggest only using chain if you are referring to it’s specific use in a photo. The only thing I’ve seen chains used for on armor (WWll) is for securing locking pins, gas cap covers, etc., and these are very fine chain. You may find that the only practical chain for use in 1/72 is PE chain.
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Both types will whip around when they snap.
A friend was close when a mooring hawser (steel wire) snapped on a merchant ship and whipped back along the ships side. There was a long dent in the hull plating afterwards …


While you’re correct in the preference for wire cable over chain, chain is not unique in this last regard; it is a constant danger for salvage vessels towing ships back to port, particularly in rough seas where both the salvage vessel and the tow are getting bounced around. Even when the tow wire doesn’t part, it can flail and become a threat or damage fittings. Compare the towing sheave in the foreground with its companion behind:

Tail gates and small things

For that, I would find the smallest wire and give Angel’s technique a go.

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